Our business provides solutions that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to our clients.

Our business provides solutions that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to our clients.

RTU / VSD control panels

We provide Low Voltage Variable Speed Drive and Extra Low Voltage RTU control panels that are manufactured in Brisbane and are electrically compliant with all applicable Australian Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice.

Features of our standard RTU Control solution include:

  • Large UV rated and daylight viewable touch panel local operator interface
  • User friendly graphical interface 
  • RTU with SALCAN Well Control application.
  • RTU with native DNP3 communications protocol
  • Password protection of control actions
  • Local and remote Emergency Stop hand switches
  • Telemetry options for site-based or remotely hosted SCADA system
  • Complete Extra Low Voltage design with battery backup
  • Intrinsically Safe circuits provided for down hole sensor with mechanical segregation between IS and non-IS circuits
  • Variety of control actions available to suit differing pump interfaces. 
  • Multiple well capability from a single panel

Features of our standard VSD Power solution include:

  • Standard panel designs from 7.5kW through to 55kW
  • Low harmonic variable speed drives as standard
  • Over-torque protection for pump string
  • Ethernet control interface to VSD drives allowing for remote configuration
  • Detailed operational and diagnostic information
  • Segregation of Low Voltage and Extra Low Voltage circuits
  • Mine site compliant earth leakage protection on Low Voltage circuits 
  • Door interlocked with Low Voltage Isolator

SALCAN Process Technology have developed their well head control logic and have successfully implemented and proven this software on multiple CSG wells.

Key features of the logic include the ability to control the:

  • Automatic pump speed modulation to draw the water level down at an Operator defined rate, specified in metres per day. This allows full automatic control during the draw down phase with no Operator interventions required.
  • Fixed water level control. This allows full automatic control once the well reaches desorption and ensures that the pump is always protected.
  • Various algorithms for control of gas casing pressure, gas flow rate, and protection against downstream over-pressure.

We can offer either:

  1. The SALCAN Process Technology Well Head Controller solution based on the Schneider Electric SCADAPack platform, or
  2. A Well Head Controller based on a clients chosen platform. We are comfortable working with many platforms.

We offer a complete solution, from well head skid and RTU panel design through to control logic, local HMI, telemetry and networking, to remote SCADA capabilities.

The RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) is the "brains" of the well head equipment and adjusts its output and logic based on input signals received from the gas well. The RTU operates as a standalone controller and maintains safe operation of the well in the event of loss of communication to the SCADA system.  

The SCADAPack RTU offers many advantages to an end user including:

  • DNP3 capability, minimising the risk of loss of your valuable gas well process data. Read more about how DNP3 works here.
  • Remote code/logic update capability via ClearSCADA, reducing the costly need to visit site
  • Ability to run an onboard flow computer with AGA capabilities in parallel with the well head control logic
  • Enhanced integration features with ClearSCADA
  • Sufficient on-board I/O and communication ports to integrate process all well head equipment i.e. VSD, Down-hole sensor, External Flow Computer, Gas Control Valve and numerous physical I/O