Our business provides solutions that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to our clients.

Our business provides solutions that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to our clients.

Well Head Skids

We design and supply wellhead production skids that are manufactured in Brisbane and are mechanically and electrically compliant with all applicable Australian Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice.

Not all gas fields or well head surface operations, including skid design, are the same. We work with the client to meet their unique requirements. Our design approach focuses on ensuring the operability and maintainability of the skid and that each skid is appropriately sized for the flowing gas and water volumes.

Features of our standard solution include:

  • Dual ASME IX and ASME B31.3 piping certification (Class 300 as standard) 
  • Gas flow measurement with AGA 8 temperature and pressure compensation
  • Electrically actuated fail safe gas flow / back pressure control valve
  • Full port API 6A Fire Safe isolation valves on both gas and water inlet and outlet connections 
  • Digital configuration and diagnostics on all field instrumentation
  • Pressure measurement on produced gas and water lines 
  • Magnetic flow metering on produced water lines 
  • Gas flow meter and control valve sizing options available for large range of gas production rates
  • IECEx certification for all electrical equipment in hazardous areas

Our design capabilities include:

  • Process Design
  • Instrument Specification
  • Electrical Design
  • Control Panel Design
  • Functional Design (controls)
  • Mechanical Design
  • Pump sizing and VSD specification
  • Control Valve sizing and specification
  • Gas Flow meter specification

Beyond the well head, SALCAN Process Technology have been involved in designing/specifying and implementing gas field:

  • Water and gas gathering systems
  • Gas flare systems
  • Gas/diesel generator systems
  • Productionl Well head skids
  • Solar powered radio transmission systems for collection of lateral well data
  • Radio and Next G Telemetry systems for communication back to remote SCADA system

Our involvement starts once a viable gas reservoir has been established by geologists, with the expected volumetric flow rates of gas and water defined.