“SALCAN was founded in 2012 by Vincent Cantwell and Luke Salter with the aim of combining their Coal Seam Gas industry experience to design and supply a range of process equipment for the coal mine de-gassing and general CSG industry.”

Our team of experienced Automation and Process Control Engineers have a wide range of experence in multiple industries including:

  • Oil & Gas;
  • Mine Degassing;
  • Dairy;
  • Food Processing;
  • Wastewater Treatment;
  • Pharmaceutical & Bio-Pharmaceutical;
  • Chemical;
  • Coal Ports; and 
  • Steelmaking

SALCAN Process Technology is conscious of delivering sustainable projects, on time, to budget, and which can be reliably operated over their life.

Read about our team members below.

Vincent Cantwell is a Chartered Engineer, with an MSc in Process Automation, and over 25 years industrial experience in Process Control & Automation. Over this...Read More »

Luke is a Certified Professional Engineer and a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland in the area of Electrical Engineering. He is also a TUV certified...Read More »

Jeff is a licenced Electrical Contractor with Hazardous Area training and experience. Jeff has more than 17 years of experience in the Electrical, Instrumentation and...Read More »

Brian O'Connell is an ISA Certified Automation Professional, with an B Eng. in Chemical Engineering, and over 8 years industrial experience in Process Control &...Read More »